Colors that Sell in Spring/Summer Markets

Colors that Sell in Spring/Summer Markets

When spring fever hits, you want to refresh your home with a new coat of paint – both inside and out.  As you browse the 2018 color palettes, we have some suggestions to make your home look great AND be attractive to potential buyers!


When you think of exterior paint, you may be struggling to find direction.  Painting the exterior of your home is a big commitment as it is not easily reversed.  You want to make sure the colors look attractive and blend in with your exterior decor. 

The designers’ choices for 2018 exterior paints are light yellow and light grey tones.  Both of these tones lend themselves to calming moods. They are also easily matched with a bright door that pops or window trim in crisp white or stunning black.  A softer exterior is a popular choice as it will compliment any style of tree, plant or flower when creating your landscaping designs.  Choosing a soft palette is a beautiful way to freshen up your exterior and ensure you come home to a harmonious space.


Moving inside, the summer of 2018 is filled with softer shades accompanied by bold accent colors. The most popular shades currently are variations of white for a clean look.  If you are a little more daring, a gentle seafoam green is the color of the season.  Seafoam green gives just enough visual interest to create an exciting space while still remaining neutral.  These softer colors are easily matched to accessories in a variety of colors and styles.  To accent the light and crisp colors choose shades of dark green, navy blues and charcoal greys. Pairing light and dark gives a luxurious designer appeal and will impress friends, family and potential buyers – it is a winning combination!

If you are willing to take your decor one step further, crown molding helps to highlight the features in a room and showcase improvements to the property.  It will give your property that little something extra and show a level of care and attention that is always appreciated. 

When preparing to put your property on the market, giving a little extra attention to your interior and exterior will demonstrate that you take pride in your home.  Buyers will appreciate the effort and it will pay off in the end.  The Shirriff Wells team has a network of professionals that can help you get the job done.  If you require painters and/or a quote, please contact us – we have a list of qualified and proven professionals who will ensure your home is being showcased in a modern palette that best highlights the property’s features.  We look forward to connecting soon at

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