Landscaping Trends – Summer 2018

Landscaping Trends – Summer 2018

Traditional landscaping is changing as we welcome the 2018 summer sun.  More homeowners are gravitating towards eco-friendly options which are changing the look, feel and colour of many backyard designs. 

To start, traditional wooden or wire fencing is being traded for a more natural look. Homeowners are choosing to plant tree lines rather to fence off their space.  The tree line option is aesthetically pleasing and is also more environment – and bird! – friendly.  It also can provide much needed shade depending on the types of trees that are being used and beautiful flowers and scents will fill the air.

The backyard is shifting into an extended living space. As such, there is a shift towards creating a romantic oasis to be enjoyed with your spouse and loved ones. Creating a romantic atmosphere with twinkle lights and swing seats meant just for two will not only relax you but will extend those summer nights as you take the time to be together under the stars.

Planting and gardening are two activities that many Canadians look forward to in the summer months, and 2018 is no exception. The only difference this year is that homeowners are opting for more environmental and pet-friendly options at the expense of color and traditional beauty.  There is a push to create a space that is not harmful to animals and is in harmony with the natural environment. 

Since there is a significant amount of time, energy and money spent creating this space it is meant to be enjoyed.  The open-air eating trend is one that is encouraged through the months where Canadians can be outside without coats or sweaters – savour it while you can!  Creating gorgeous outdoor eating spaces with stone walkways and comfortable furniture is exactly where many dinners will take place over these next few months. 

And, after dinner, to cap the night the trend that continues to grow every year is the use of a fire pit.  The fire pit is the perfect place to enjoy a nice bottle of wine or some hot tea.  It is always advisable to check the by-laws for our area before starting a fire.  Having family sing-alongs or enjoying a nice bottle of wine is exactly what the summer of 2018 will be remembered for!

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